Premium California Almonds.

We are able to produce premium almond ingredients by managing control from tree to package.  Our almonds are primarily grown on farms that we own and operate in the heart of almond country.  And we have a state-of-the-art facility with tremendous capacity.


The Orchards


Our almonds grow from tree varieties developed using natural breeding.  This means our almonds are not genetically modified (non-GMO).  We are stewards of our land and nurture it to maintain a healthy balance--we pump water from our wells supplied by the Sierra Mountains, we rent honeybees to pollinate our almond orchards and we operate some of our well pumps with solar energy.

Food Safety & Process


Our almonds are all natural and are truly just about the almonds.  We keep our facilities prestigiously clean from contaminants and do not process any top allergens.

We have regular USDA inspections so you can trust that we are wholesome and healthful. We apply cutting edge technology to minimize labor cost and have highly skilled individuals to operate equipment.



we like our technology, too!

Our top-of-the-line food-grade facility contains cutting edge equipment to sort, size, clean, pack and ship containers to our customers worldwide.  Technology on the shop floor includes optical and infrared sorting that require minimal human touch.  Not sure what this all means?  You can be rest-assured you will be enjoying an elevated quality of almonds straight from our farms.

Storage & Shelf Life

Staying Fresh

Almonds don’t grow year round, thus they need to be stored in a cool environment for freshness  We keep all of our almonds at a uniform, cool temperature and store them in our commercial, food-grade facilities and cold storage when the months get hot outdoors.  This is to help maximize the life of your delicious almonds.

Locally Grown.


Over 80% of the worldwide almonds are located in California's central valley. That's why we chose this thriving agricultural region for our location.