Can I buy less than 25 LB?
Unfortunately, no. We sell only in bulk, which allows us to provide fresh almonds at low prices.
How are almonds shipped and at what cost?
Do almond prices vary?
Slightly, with season.
What is the shelf life of an almond?
Whole almonds, whether roasted or not, have a shelf life of up to 18 months when kept sealed in cold storage, and up to 12 months at room temperature. Almonds unprotected by their brown skins—flour, sliced, diced, and blanched—have a shelf life of up to 12 months in cold storage, and up to six months at room temperature.

Almonds spoil quickly in direct sun, and in exceptionally warm environments.
What does natural mean?
What does blanched mean?
Brown skins have been removed, resulting in a consistent, cream-colored product. Blanched products have less fiber than non-blanched products.
What is the difference between almond flour and meal?
The terms are used interchangeably by most consumers, and do not necessarily identify the coarseness of a grind. But for some consumers, flour implies a finer grind than meal. Our flour is finely ground, to a consistency similar to wheat flour.
Are all products gluten-free?
Yes, including our almond flour, and processed in our gluten-free facility.
Are almonds salted?
No, not even our roasted almonds.
Are almonds certified kosher?
Are almonds genetically modified (GMO)?
No, all of our almonds are from tree varieties developed using natural breeding. None are genetically modified.
How are almonds pasteurized?
Steam treatment.
Where are the almonds grown?
Primarily on our own farms, but since we have a state-of-the-art facility with tremendous capacity, we also assist neighboring farmers whose almonds meet our standards for quality and freshness.
Where are the almonds processed?
In our own facility, so we have complete control of product quality and freshness. We use advanced equipment to shell, sort, pasteurize, roast, dice, slice, and pack—everything but deliver a product to you.
Can I obtain payment terms?
Yes, if you are a qualified customer placing an order in excess of 1,500 LB. Contact us with your request.
Can I buy through a broker?
Certainly. Have your broker contact us.
Can I order almonds processed differently than what is available on the website?
Yes, for large orders, since we have equipment for most types of processing. Contact us with your request.